The world will be a better place when all ventures, designs, services & products are unique looks at projects from a customer-centric point of view. We first use service design tools and technology to understand your projects' deliverables. We keep in mind your end user, client and customer expectations in the descovery process. When duncservices and you organization agree on an "ideas", that is affordable and does not need a lot more resources, we rapidly prototype a proof on concept. After the concept is successful we assist in finding finding a project team to take over and execute the full project!


Imagine two coffee shops located beside each other on a busy street.

A thirsty potential customer walks up to one of the shops. He looks at shop "A" then at shop "B"... pauses, thinks, then makes a choice to enter shop "B".

Why did Bill choose shop "B"? believes its: Service Design with Business Design. believes that Service Design with Business Design is the best method of determining the best qualities that clients love about your business.

We think that every business owner should examine its existing services and figure out what distinguishes it from its competitors.

We do this by conducting online meetings using different methods from the Project Management Book of Knowledge, Service Design Toolkit, procedural programming, object-oriented programming, graphic design, and research.

At the end of our session, we do not hand out reports. We do something about it. Duncservices will be there from the rollout including implementation of the service. We will be there to troubleshoot unexpected events and deliver action plans that will be manageable and have well defined critical paths laid out.

From our twenty years of experience performing business process improvement services, it appears to us that the only way to get great results is by working smarter to understand the needs of every client and patron who is working to create a service.

We are motivated, respectful, and principled. However, we do have limits-- that we must let you know about. The reason we do this business is that we love to see organizations move in fresh directions and not stand pat adhering to the status quo. If you believe that there is no better alternative then your own, we are not the best fit for you.

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As a way to prevent spam. We will only answer emails with, "I have an idea" in the subject line and have contact names and call back times in the body of the email.

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The art of making an technology easy to use.

We have over 20 years experience assisting companies automate their workflows, creating tools and technology that improve customer service, data intergration and data interchange. has a special focus on rapid prototyping. Give us the challenge to see if your idea can work. Do not invest a lot of money into an idea that will not get you the results you want. We will find either existing software that can do the job at the right price or in some cases we will create new code that can do the job."


We love design. We love the whole process from the concept to the delivery of the item to the market place. We believe all aspects of a product or sevice should be as beautiful as possible. Why not have a great product and beautiful supply chain and integration with accounting also to boot. Design the way you want to work, make it a joy to do business. We can help you achieve that.


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